AddressTownList PriceStyleRoomsBedBathSchool DistrictClassListing DateMLS # 
207-03 Estate Drive # 145L, Unit 145LBayside$589,000Townhouse411 Residential2020/06/253226238 houseicon
210-04 48th Avenue, 2nd flBayside$2,800House Rental632 Residential Lease2020/05/073214241 houseicon
36-03 Clearview ExpresswayBayside$978,000Colonial531.5 Residential2019/08/093154831 houseicon
64-24 Cloverdale Boulevard, 1 flBayside$2,250Apt In House632 Residential Lease2020/07/283237349 houseicon
123-01 14th AvenueCollege Point$699,000Colonial743 Residential2020/03/023204370 houseicon
22-30 College Point Boulevard # 2D, Unit 2DCollege Point$468,000Other311 Residential2020/07/233236076 houseicon
22-30 College Point Boulevard # 2G, Unit 2GCollege Point$628,000Other421 Residential2020/07/233236096 houseicon
22-30 College Point Boulevard # 3A, Unit 3ACollege Point$599,000Other421 Residential2020/06/233225082 houseicon
22-30 College Point Boulevard # 3E, Unit 3ECollege Point$468,000Other421 Residential2020/08/033239283 houseicon
22-30 College Point Boulevard # S3, Unit S3College Point$1,280,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/233236103 houseicon
22-30 College Point Boulevard # S4, Unit S4College Point$1,168,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/233236104 houseicon
23-31 124 StCollege Point$1,289,000Contemporary1664 Residential Income2020/08/033239305 houseicon
102-11/19 44 AvenueCorona$8,500,000     Commercial Sale2019/09/233166862 houseicon
37-11 100 StCorona$1,299,000Colonial1572 Residential Income2020/07/313238587 houseicon
91-14 Corona AveElmhurst$1,500,000Store+Dwell963 Residential Income2020/07/033229104 houseicon
91-14 Corona AvenueElmhurst$1,500,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/133232127 houseicon
15 Helen CourtFloral Park$634,000Colonial631.5 Residential2020/02/283203579 houseicon
131-04 40 Road, 4 flFlushing$2,500     Commercial Lease2020/07/013228377 houseicon
131-06 40 Road, 4 flFlushing$2,500     Commercial Lease2019/09/233166912 houseicon
132-03 Sanford Avenue # 1A, Unit 1AFlushing$9,000     Commercial Lease2020/08/043239621 houseicon
132-03 Sanford Avenue # 1A, Unit 1AFlushing$2,480,000     Commercial Sale2020/01/143191735 houseicon
132-25 Pople AvenueFlushing$18,800     Commercial Lease2020/06/083220437 houseicon
132-43 41st AvenueFlushing$7,380,000     Commercial Sale2020/02/053197633 houseicon
132-44 41st AvenueFlushing$4,480,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/103231452 houseicon
132-44 41st Avenue, 4FLFlushing$3,000Apt In House633 Residential Lease2020/07/063229746 houseicon
137-42 Laburnum Avenue, 2FLFlushing$2,100Apt In House521 Residential Lease2020/06/133222174 houseicon
141-20 56th AveFlushing$1,680,000Contemporary1773 Residential Income2020/06/213224511 houseicon
147-11 Barclay Avenue, 2nd FLFlushing$2,250Apt In House431.5 Residential Lease2020/07/133232247 houseicon
147-31 Barclay Avenue, 3rd FLFlushing$2,300Apt In House531.5 Residential Lease2020/06/243225566 houseicon
149-35 Northern Boulevard # 4D, Unit 4DFlushing$1,900Co-Op311 Residential Lease2020/06/243225546 houseicon
35-20 Union St, Unit BaFlushing$3,800     Commercial Lease2020/07/213235172 houseicon
35-26 150th Place, 1Fl+BaFlushing$10,000     Commercial Lease2020/07/033229119 houseicon
36-24 169 Street # A, Unit AFlushing$2,800Apt In House631.5 Residential Lease2020/07/013228402 houseicon
38-08 Union Street # 4C, Unit 4CFlushing$2,280,000     Commercial Sale2020/08/063240128 houseicon
40-17 149 Place, Unit storeFlushing$4,800     Commercial Lease2020/07/233236087 houseicon
41-05 College Point Boulevard # 2D, Unit 2DFlushing$699,000Other422 Residential2020/06/203224348 houseicon
41-05 College Point Boulevard # 2D, Unit 2DFlushing$2,300Condo422 Residential Lease2020/07/283237476 houseicon
42-42 Colden Street # B3, Unit B3Flushing$359,000Other411 Residential2020/08/033239361 houseicon
42-47 Union Street # 6A, Unit 6AFlushing$695,000Other422 Residential2020/07/213235062 houseicon
45-44 164th Street # 1, Unit 1Flushing$2,550Apt In House532 Residential Lease2020/06/173223227 houseicon
57-15 138th StreetFlushing$1,690,0002 Story742.5 Residential Income2019/10/073170691 houseicon
57-37 Main StreetFlushing$19,000     Commercial Lease2019/09/173165037 houseicon
84-15 57th RoadFlushing$850,000Townhouse632 Residential2020/05/203216437 houseicon
99-04 Northern Boulevard # 4, Unit 4Flushing$2,100,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/243236520 houseicon
111-15 66th Ave. # 1A, Unit 1AForest Hills$2,300Co-Op321 Residential Lease2020/07/103231583 houseicon
62-59 108th Street # 6T, Unit 6TForest Hills$1,900Co-Op311 Residential Lease2020/03/203209341 houseicon
68-44 Burns Street # B2, Unit B2Forest Hills$619,000Co-Op621 Residential2020/02/263203191 houseicon
699 Eileen CourtFranklin Square$1,450,000Colonial1033.5 Residential2020/06/223224788 houseicon
185-11 73 Avenue # 2F, Unit 2FFresh Meadows$2,500Colonial632.5 Residential Lease2020/07/243236509 houseicon
57-39 163rd StFresh Meadows$949,000Tudor942 Residential Income2020/07/143232824 houseicon
59-17 163rd StreetFresh Meadows$950,000Colonial105225Residential Income2019/08/153156441 houseicon
71-74 161 Street, 3 fl.Fresh Meadows$2,380Apt In House632 Residential Lease2020/07/283237292 houseicon
35-50 92 StreetJackson Heights$11,000     Commercial Lease2020/07/233236093 houseicon
45-36 Pearson StreetLong Island City$1,680,000Colonial63230Residential2018/09/213067112 houseicon
52-21 70th StMaspeth$920,0002 Story832 Residential2020/06/153222496 houseicon
14 Francis J Clarke Circle # 1, Unit #1Out Of Area Town$660,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/213234955 houseicon
14 Francis J Clarke Circle # 2, Unit #2Out Of Area Town$688,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/213234966 houseicon
50 Bayard Street # 5T, Unit 5TOut Of Area Town$620,000Condo2011Residential2020/02/113199075 houseicon
52 West 28 StreetOut Of Area Town$9,100,000     Commercial Sale2020/01/143191751 houseicon
52 West 28 Street, 1FLOut Of Area Town$12,800     Commercial Lease2020/01/143191775 houseicon
53 Elizabeth Street # 1C, Unit 1COut Of Area Town$1,700,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/213235042 houseicon
66 John Hay AvenueOut Of Area Town$2,990,000     Commercial Sale2020/07/143232601 houseicon
28 Willowdale AvenuePort Washington$665,000     Commercial Sale2020/02/183200761 houseicon
89-23 220 StQueens Village$738,000Colonial1142 Residential Income2020/07/083230852 houseicon
89-85 221 StQueens Village$850,000Tudor942 Residential2020/06/113221432 houseicon
62-41 Ellwell Crescent, 2 flRego Park$2,200Apt In House521 Residential Lease2020/07/143232726 houseicon
131-07 Liberty AveRichmond Hill S.$989,000     Commercial Sale2020/08/033239329 houseicon
392 Emerson PlValley Stream$630,000Hi Ranch1042 Residential2020/07/103231627 houseicon
10-05 166th Street, 3rd FLWhitestone$2,100Apt In House532 Residential Lease2020/07/023228737 houseicon
149-19 23 Avenue, 2flWhitestone$2,400Apt In House631 Residential Lease2020/07/073230331 houseicon
150-30 15th DrWhitestone$768,000Colonial822.5 Residential2020/06/173223486 houseicon
40-45 68th Street # 5A, Unit 5AWoodside$689,000Condo52224Residential2019/09/173165093 houseicon
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